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Gift of Faith: Gateway to Many Wonders

After the worship service this evening I went home driving the motorbike with Ate Pinky. The rain was pouring hard.

My heart was filled with praise and worship and I started to worship God in the spirit and I began to sing in the known language. I knew I started to sing prophetic worship. The lyrics come out of my mouth are words that I didn’t think and just flows out of my spirit and I just yielded with the flow. All throughout the drive I was praising and worshipping God. Now God revealed to me in the prophetic worship: “The Gift of Faith is the gateway to many wonders…” I was surprised to what I heard, how could I even think about that? It wasn’t me at all it’s God who reveals.

This evening Pastor Tom called for an altar call for the church who wanted to be used by God to move in healing and miracles and this evening it will be activated. I stood up, but I wasn’t praying for the gift of healing and miracles. I’m believing God for the Gift of Faith. Before I come in front of the altar I do not wait for the pastor to lay hands on me. I began receiving what I’m believing for and the presence of God started to fill me and His anointing is moving on the inside of me.

God spoke to me while I was kneeling on the floor laughing and crying, shouting. I heard God in my spirit: “KR I like what you did, you have that great faith in the inside of you, you were asking me for the Gift of Faith you were not sure if you can have it. But what you did, I like that you prayed for other people to receive the Gift of Faith that you yourself is asking, you didn’t have the gift yet but you began to impart and that is great faith. I will now activate the Gift of Faith that is in you. Your pastor will not lay his hands on you don’t wait for him. I Am He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.” I saw Jesus in my spirit He placed His hand over my head He said: “I will place my hand over your head and I’m not going to take it off I will anoint you” and I felt my body started to burn I heard God said “Receive the fire” I began to fold while kneeling down and fire all over me. I began to shout and cannot hold the flow of God within me. I stood up and sit on a chair and something is going on my body there was a vibration all over me.

I believe something has changed and I have to grow what I received this evening. Thank you, Lord! Grateful that God is using my pastor to demonstrate His power.

I got home and I immediately imparted to mama and papa the anointing I received this evening and prayed healing for papa. I’m so happy God demonstrated not just His power but His love.