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LifeCon 2017: A Vision for Millenials 

I was there in front of the stage last night at Life Con 2017. Young people started jumping and shouting praising God. I asked God “Why am I here? This isn’t my generation” God said:

“These young people that step in to the altar call I gave them a heart to serve me in full time ministry. These young people are not only fired up when the music is up, they are also hungry and thirsty to hear from me, to listen actively when a preacher delivers my word. They are going to shake the nations. They are going to shake their generation and your generation. All generation I will use them to shake them to come to Me “the Desire of all nations”.

Then, I won’t stop crying in the middle of the crowd jumping, running from side to side. 

I found worship in the midst of praise and anointing was all over me, I cried and cried because the Lord is good. There’s so much love in His manifest presence that enveloped me. He is good! 

God is gonna’ bring influence to these young people so that the lost may be saved! Amen.