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Glory: Colors Bursting Through

What a great illustration of God’s glory. These colorful cloth being waved represents the Glory of God in many colors. As we were worshipping God I saw Joseph’s coat with many colors given to him by his father…

It was revealed to me that our heavenly Father he even clothe us with colorful coat just like Joseph’s and that is the glory of God, the challenges in his life made it more colorful and yet his faithfulness with God made him stand strong in any situation. The world notices the hand of the Lord in His life. God did not separated him from the world, he lived among them but there was a distinction, he was faithful with the God of Abraham. That color is bursting through him that made the world attracted to him, he is special in the sight of God and the hand of the Lord is upon him and the world acknowledged it and has given him favor to govern and much more.

I was also reminded after the flood God made a covenant to Noah that every time He sees a rainbow He will remember His covenant and will not flood mankind again.

We inherited thousands of years of promises coming into fulfillment in Christ.

God wanted to pour out His glory to His people but man has to be clean to receive it or else he will die.

Jesus was the solution and whoever believes in Him, His blood can make man and a woman holy to God.

It’s so beautiful to enjoy this gift of righteousness and holiness in Christ that we may enjoy being in the presence of God.

Jesus said come to Me and drink and you will never thirst again. God’s presence satisfies us and this is what we are long been looking for. Amazing Grace!