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Back-trail to the beginning

I’m writing from my bed and it’s 12:22 AM remembering what the Lord instructed me. I believe when there is important instructions we write it down.

The Lord spoke to me in my spirit: “Last night I told you to bring revival to the mountains in all laguna and batangas. You must add quezon to that, the region 4a. Get all the list of the mountains. These are many mountains but you’re going to start we’re you started first. In the next six months starting today you are going back to batangas in Mt. Gulugod. I have found you faithful with little things and you will carry out doing more little things starting in the kitchen of your house, you clean it and you have to maintain cleanliness of the whole house. You must wake up 3:00 in the morning to pray, you must not give up doing the preparation. I will train you become a daughter respectful to her parents. You have to be prepared physically and eat right, look in the old testament what the Israelites were eating. Invest more time in prayer, read and study the bible. Just continue reading again and again. You have to write down and make a daily journal for the next six months as you study the word. You would go first to Mt. Gulugod from where you started. Remember the first adam and second adam you must study it.”

I have many questions with God like how would I do that, who is going with me? I believe it’s more important to keep the instructions from God than the many questions I have for this mission. This is the instructions I received from God while I was on the floor, second night of the extended Firevolution. If the preachers didn’t learned to wait and listen from God I would not have receive this revelation from God.