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A Little Understanding of God’s Calling

“You are called by God, not for yourself…” -Ptr. Tom Molina

I have a little understanding of God’s calling in my life. All I knew was I have to preach the gospel and serve… It was beyond that when lately I started to see the needs of God’s youth. I thought I was praying and studying enough. I pray for other people, I do that. I teach and impart everything I learned from training school. Now, there’s a greater conviction inside me to intercede, to go deeper in my prayer to God for His people.

Pastor Elma’s preaching yesterday was an eye opener about God’s calling and obedience to God. An example was Abraham… I can’t stop crying while she was preaching. I was so filled with the Holy Spirit and I’m shaking in my seat. The anointing was so great! I learned that “desire” should not remain forever as “desire” because God’s timeline is now. I now have the complete understanding of partial obedience and disobedience.

I was reading genesis to exodus and genesis to exodus for 2 weeks. Back to back. I believe I have to read it again in Tagalog.

God said in His word “I am His special treasure!”

Exodus 19:5 Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine.

Us Christians, we wanted to hear from God, we want to know when God speaks. Some of us will ask, how does God speak? We sit at church ever Sunday, devote our time studying the bible… Then we learned how to hear from God. We know His voice… I thank the Holy Spirit for allowing me to hear God’s voice. But I don’t just want to stay hearing from God and not listen. I will always choose to listen and obey what I heard.

God said “Worship… Worship…”

He even put a song in my heart to “Sing… Sing…”

When temptation, unexpected problem, and or conflict appears in front of me… I have to respond in worship, in thanksgiving, and in praise to the God of the bible. Praise Jesus! I am not limited to worship God, I can freely worship Him wherever I am. So blessed to have the better High Priest, Jesus!

I thank the Holy Spirit, He enables me to pray. Grateful for this new life, my new identity, and authority in Jesus Christ to dominate this war in the spirit. The Lord is my Banner and all the earth is His. In Christ, I can keep His covenant and by His grace, I am strengthened to overcome.

I am a special treasure to God. Hallelujah!