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Never too Late to Pray

At the prayer service this evening I had an encounter with God as pastor was praying. I’m trying to hold myself but in the innermost part of my being, my spirit jumps and responds to the prayer that pastor speaks. I began to cry, and the Lord told me to calm down so I can hear what He wants to say. The prayer is about God’s call to each one of us.

I knew God called me in the ministry to do outreach missions, plant small groups in campuses, crusades. I remember a month ago, I said I don’t believe God called me to do foreign missions. I believe God called me to the mountains. This evening I was awakened from what pastor said that God didn’t want us to stay in Jerusalem but also to go in Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. We can’t say that foreign missions isn’t for us.

God reminded me of my encounter to Him last November during Firevolution. The Lord told me then, “I have deposited great joy in you take it to the cities, mountains and the nations which I will tell you. Back-trail…” I saw five thousand children being fed. The Lord said, “You needed to pray and study, you will need a revelation, prayer is important to prepare you. On the sixth month you will begin this mission”.

Four months later I haven’t obeyed what the Lord told me. I had many activities which distracts me from God’s call to pray. I struggled and told myself I’m gonna’ take a break from social media and take a whole year of prayer because I can’t start this mission without soaking myself to the word and prayer. I want to be careful because I didn’t want to do this on my own. God reminded me, the disciples took ten days praying when the Holy Ghost came. The Lord said, “It doesn’t need a whole year of prayer to confirm what I called you to do. This year is a year of Great Acceleration. Didn’t you know that I know that you will struggle, you know what there will be more. These struggles are delays to what I called you to do, it is to hinder you from doing what I command you to do. But this year is a year of Great Acceleration for you, forget the four months that you missed. Do it now, pray and study my word you will see great acceleration in your study. You should not delay feeding five thousand children in May, do it.

I will deliver you from your struggles, of course you knew that you have been delivered. I’m not doing deliverance just once. Remember the children of Israel how many Judges I raised to deliver them from their disobedience. I can do it, I will deliver you. You will not anymore wait for another Judge to deliver you, like they did, it is I who will deliver you now.”

Then the Lord said, “you have no idea how much ability I have stored up in you.”