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NLTC Batch 10

Last night I went to the graduation of New Life Training Center – Sta. Rosa Batch 10 they had a play/skit which I am excited telling you about the conclusion of their local and foreign missions. During the 9-month training they had two local missions in Catbalogan and Davao (which we become a part of). Their foreign missions was in Laos 🇱🇦 and Thailand 🇹🇭 I wish I could show you the footage but for the safety of our missionaries living abroad I would rather tell you the story. They went to Laos March 13 and Arrived home March 20. The team leaders’ story was Filipinos in Laos were well respected and have a huge impact in their nation who then become part of their history. Wow I’m proud to be Filipino! They contributed in their society by becoming teachers of english language primarily. They bring the gospel through education. Children and adults are being reached. These missionaries have given their lives for the sake of the gospel regardless of getting paid or not. The team ministered to a church, people, and children. I believe in the prophecy that we are not anymore in the time that God will raise up another famous preachers but God will raise up His body, ordinary believers, the church itself to do great exploits!

My prayer is that we become intentional to come before God by allowing Him to use us… Not only through our giving but becoming intentional reaching the people, rich or poor and preach the gospel to them, pray healing for them, give exhortation to the weak, express the love of God, and whatever you think of… It all comes down to one Person our need to have Jesus in our lives and leading people to Christ. I want to challenge you to sign up and move in evangelism go to your pastors or small group leader and ask them how you can share the gospel to people.

I want to introduce you the beneficiaries of our fund raising campaign recently, Rovanne (left) and Stephany (right). Firstly we were raising funds for Rovanne but she wasn’t able to complete the mission fund, tha’s okay because all the proceeds went to her batch mate Stephany Lopez Arada isn’t it great to become a blessing to people? At the same time, the Lord also is blessing us more than what we sowed. Ate Annie have been volunteering to New Life ever since, I believe more or less 15 years and I’m only 3 years old in New Life. She works with our youth and campus ministry along with her husband, volunteering in Calamba, and all around Media woman (ate, video production was great btw). She wants to tell you these:

“Kr & Mission Partners, the Lord will surely bless your heart as you obey Him in supporting the mission! I am the recipient of your labor of love to the Lord and for the Lord! I will always be grateful and thankful to the Lord for your blessed life! You are all a big part of what the Lord had done in my life! I am giving all the honor to Him alone and also honoring your presence in my life in this journey! I praise and Thank God for you and I love you all!!! 😀😍” -Stephany

Thank you all so much for your continued support in the ministry the Lord has started in my life and for supporting the ministries of people I believe into. Thankful for NLTC Batch 10 for allowing us to partner and to my Senior Pastors who allowed me to do the campaign. I didn’t have the money to support but it was really the desire of my heart to support missionaries who are planted in a local church where I believe rich in spiritual gifts and fruits of the Spirit. I don’t want to yield in the limitation I have because after every encounter I have with God I receive word of wisdom coming from Him, that’s why this campaign became a success. All the glory to God alone.

It was never in my heart to go to all the nations, my thoughts and the desires were only for CALABARZON and the Philippines but I was rebuked by God through preachings that God didn’t want us to reach only Jerusalem but also, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). I’m believing God to join the foreign mission next year 2019 I am hoping for your continued support. We will go to Dubai!

Thank you so much! So blessed because of you. Thank you for allowing the grace of God to get activated in your life. Dear Partners, the Lord has just started, where only in the mid of this year. There will be breakthroughs as it breakthrough it will accelerate and you will praise God for it. I encourage you to PRESS IN in your prayers, don’t let go of it as long as it is in line with the word of God.






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