Lost my key, Jesus gave us KEYS.

Lost my motorbike key at Waltermart Sta Rosa parking. I found out I left it in the bike. Good thing the security guard saw it and took it to the mall’s lost and found. I have no idea where I lost it searched my bag and went back to church wasn’t there. But I wasn’t worried there was so much joy and peace in my heart. I asked myself why does this happened? There has to be a purpose. Just awhile ago I was in the floor knocked out by the power of God.

God spoke to me in that encounter and I will share a little the Spirit of the Lord said “in your ministry many backsliders will draw back to me, I have given you lips that are sweet they cannot and won’t resist the gospel when you begin to speak”. Hallelujah! God let it be so for Your glory.

While still drunk in the Holy Ghost. I asked both the security guards if they die they knew if they’d go to heaven and said no. I believe God orchestrated this evening to get people saved. I wanted to give him a reward but I had no money, so I told them I have something to share after it I asked if they want to receive God’s gift of salvation, Jesus. Led them to prayer.

I believe that event could be special that I had to go through that. I lost my key and found it. But the Lord Jesus’ purpose was to hand them over the key that the devil stolen to man. When Jesus was dead for three days He went to hell and it cannot hold Him, He defeated sin, death, and satan’s control over our life. The key, or the authority was given back to us.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Let us demonstrate resurrection power the Lord endued us. Praise God!