Be encouraged by a word from a dream

I was in sleep paralysis 5 minutes ago and I heard a voice and it’s telling me something. It sounded magical and fear came in my heart. I checked if I’m breathing or not, I was breathing. I thought it was evil, the voices we’re overlaying from one voice. I asked myself “am I crazy? Why am I hearing this?”. There was so many words, I saw my brain like it’s going to explode for so many information it cannot contain. I thought I’m already dying and I checked if I’m still breathing. I tried to rebuke it and I called the name of the Lord “Jesus!” and the “Holy Spirit!” I was shouting asking God to help me escape. Fear was removed then and I went close to the voice and put my faith in Christ that if I go forward to that voice I have faith Jesus will be with me. I let every fear go and I stopped struggling, I walked forward to hear what the voice has to say…

“the work at the cross no one’s condemned”

I’m not sure if it’s grammatically correct but that’s the word I received and then I woke up speaking these words “the work at the cross no one’s condemned” I had to remember it and I immediately opened Facebook maybe someone has to read that. I believe I also needed that word.

One thing I know after this, I believe this came from heaven and not from the devil. I was so afraid to hear God’s voice I trembled.