Communion: reminds us what Jesus accomplished at the cross

Notes from Dr. Tom Molina's Preaching. Communion Sunday August 6, 2017

⁃ we're serious about the power of God, these are the days of God's supernatural power
⁃ There's nothing to look at the future positively
⁃ Our future is connected to what Jesus has accomplished at the cross
⁃ No matter how much you pray if you cut your connection to what Jesus has done all of these will be done
⁃ Communion: is to remind us what Jesus accomplished at the cross. We cannot forget about it.
⁃ Our victory depends upon the cross
⁃ You cannot come into the future without a fight you have to deal with it
⁃ No matter how you deal with it you cannot engage thinking that your gonna win this. Your gonna fight in the place of victory
⁃ There's no easy road to success. Along the way you will go to the…
⁃ You are not fighting for you to win but to reinforce the victory God has overcome you
⁃ The devil is working so hard, not to the people in the outside but people in the inside. Why?
⁃ Ex. 85 yo lady preaching people who are 1 million muslim got saved in pakistan. She's done a crusade. Marilyn Hicky.
⁃ There are 1M people got saved but the church in the inside devil will do everything to stop them
⁃ They believed that the devil stopped the move of God, but the the devil didn't do anything it was the believer who stopped the move of God
⁃ 1. Temptation: physical, doubt,
⁃ Ex. Strange Fire, attacking in the fire in the flow of God. This author doesn't know the real fire because he is an evangelical
⁃ If the book is coming against the word of God that is unclean. We should not touch what is unclean
⁃ Can you imagine if the church is not hungry for the move of God what are we here for? We didn't come here to be entertained we want an encounter with God. You will know it by a changed life
⁃ Once you have an encounter with God your life will never be the same
⁃ If I yield to a temptation means disregarding what Jesus has done in the cavalry
⁃ Jesus said, it's better for me to go away
⁃ We cannot enjoy the benefits of the Holy Spirit…
⁃ We have to come against temptation
⁃ Ex. Infidelity, lies, anything obviously a sin, to feel tired that God is not gonna move or situations will not change. We must fight these.
⁃ If you stay in the temptation you destroy what Jesus has done for you. Binabalewala mo ang ginawa ng Panginoon sa iyong buhay
⁃ We are all tempted
⁃ 2 Cor 10:13
⁃ Temptation is not sin, it's when you yield to temptation. You are tempted because you are a good person and holy.
⁃ Jesus now your king, your Lord.
⁃ When you are tempted you have to face it, overcome it just how Jesus did it.
⁃ "It is written"
⁃ Even you fast and pray doesn't guarantee that you will not be tempted
⁃ If there's no persecution
⁃ This is a development that we must embrace
⁃ Your persecution (should) must make you to double up your commitment to God
⁃ If you feel guilty you don't have strength and boldness to believe
⁃ Ex. accused of being a lousy parent, you cannot blame yourself with the wrong things your children did. But it doesn't mean that you will give away your children to the devil
⁃ If you are accused of your past it has been covered by the blood of Jesus
⁃ 2 Cor 5:17
⁃ Rev 12:11
⁃ Remind the devil of his future
⁃ The blood and body of Jesus can make us experience the fullness of Life
⁃ Don't give the devil a space


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