Notes from Dr. Tom Molina’s preaching. July 16, 2017 Worship Service.
1 Kings 10

– I cannot move on reading, we cannot over take God. Just like how the glory of God led the children of Israel.

– No matter how slow the guide he knew where he leads us. We should be patient.

– As we go through process enjoy the progress.

– Process does not feel good

– Jeremiah 18

– We never heard a clay that directs the potter

– God created everything beautiful in His time, if you are part of God’s creation you are beautiful, if God is powerful you are powerful

– But we look at ourselves who we are in the past

– God wants us to be the demonstration of His beauty. He will use you as a testimony

– Many people are in searched of something that is real. We cannot find it in this world unless we meet God.

– We cannot find God because we are lost. Now God has to look for us, and as He finds us we searched Him, we seek for Him

– It’s not about you, you can say: “because I fast and prayed” many people pray and fast more than you. It’s not about you, it’s all about Him

– If the cloud is not moving you are not supposed to move on. If you see the cloud starts moving do not be left behind and you will the greatness of our God

– 1 Kings 10

– Solomons has no dealings with her. They are not allowed to meet or get close to her. Because this woman has no covenant with God

– Something ang nag-udyok to the queen to meet king Solomon is his fame

– What made solomon famous?

– Ex. Famous people of the world. They are famous on a certain season. No one is famous forever except for One. No matter how famous they are if they are dead it’s useless

– As Christians we should not avoid this… God’s will regardless where you are right now. The promise to abraham is the same promises to us.

– God told abraham: “I will make your name great”

– We must show the greatness of God in our life

– Romans 8:22

– How do you think the sons of God will be revealed? Is it because how expensive their temples

– We are all sons of God. If you are a female in the sight of God there is ni gender. When we get to heaven we all become the bride of Jesus we are married to Him.

– Church, the body of Christ

– Why are you here?

– How can we work if we are not working. Volunteer ka nga, sama naman ng ugali mo. Respond at wag ka mag-malaki binigyan ka ng pagkakataon ng Panginoon.

– The world is expecting. Why? In the smallest mistake you are easily noticed? If they knew you are a Christian? Nagkamali, ganyan ba sila?

– The world is expecting something to ys, they might not know what they want to see, it was the name of the Lord, His power, glory, beauty…

– How can they see is through you

– Ex. Find someone better in the inside, but there’s a lot more better people in the outside

– The world is looking for is the greatness that comes from God, intelligence from God

– The world is looking for something that they don’t see before

– Ex. Praise and worship singer

– Ex. One worship leader, Singing Hallelujah and got slained

– You get tired of falling in the floor? That’s the world is looking for.

– You don’t come to church to be entertained, theres a lot of entertainment in the world. We come to church because we want an encounter with God.

– If it is not seen to us, there will be mapaphamak sa impyerno

– Our glory not because we are great or came from a rich family, but this greatness is connected to God

– The name of the Lord is a strong tower

– If we really know that there is a power with the name of Hid we will not run away from demons they run from us. Or problems…

– Mark 11:23

– Mountain: is the problems we faced

– Problems is not something that we ahould be afraid. Our problems should be melted in front of us

– If you will cry the same as the world cries… they are waiting for (us) the revelation of God

– Jesus is the first among the sons of God

– They see something from Jesus that they don’t see

– We will not be famous not because the things we can do

– I may not be a celebrity… But the ability of God is in me…

– Ex. John the baptist came, they say you’re not the one, Jesus came, still they say He’s the one

– The power of God attracts the queen of sheeba

– Matthew 4:24

– First 30 years of Jesua He didn’t don anything. There’s was no signs and wonders

– You will not find a scripture of His fame… He becomes great after He was anointed by the Holy Spirit

– Luke 4:14 KJV

– The power of church is hidden in the inside of Jesus

– Ex. Yehey makapangyarihan ako… Baka nakakalimot ka.

– You have the power to become the witnesses.

– Witness: more than just sharing your experience (no one will be changed from that, matagal na Christian wala parin nagbabago)

– Acts 1:8

– We don’t become witnesses of the world. We become witnesses of Jesus.

– Allow our lives first to be a witness first. Holy Spirit came to us, we were given a gift of tongues. If we use it we don’t talk to anyone but direct to God.

– What happened to power that made Jesus famous?

– Luke 4:14-17,

– Luke 4:18

– There’s one thing in comoon between solomon, Jesus and us. That is the glory of God. That’s why you are different because of the glory of God in you

– Use the power of God because it can be given to them what they need, you pray for people

– God did not anoint you for yourself only, it for you to use it for people who needed it most

– Kung may kapitbahay ka na mas mayaman sayo, walang silbi ang meron sila dahil mas malaki ang nasa-sayo.

– Its the anointing that makes solomon and Jesus famous

– The anointing of God is abundant in this place

– The next coming weeks the abundance of the anointing of this church will be multiplied thousand times

– You are not inferior to what you feel, or your finances

– Ex. Woman with the issue of blood, it was a touch of faith that’s why Jesus asked

– Faith is something that you can feel, see, and hear

– Jesus told her: woman your faith has made you WHOLE

– not just healed but whole.

– She was totally cut off. The sickness she was not allowed in the law for people to be with people. Actually if people attempts to come to her she has to shout “I am unclean”

– She was totally broke: God has restored everything she had lost and added more

– God’s will for us is wholeness

– As you being whole and you go out being other people then be whole as well

– If you will start teaching with the poor, if you know what is the good news to the poor. It’s to tell them: you don’t have to be poor anymore. Jesus has become poor so that we become rich in Him

– Everything your hand touches it multiplies

– Ex. Overtime?

– If God anointed you, you cannot be poor anymore. You are like planted in the rivers of water

– Your goal to this greatness so that the goodness of God will be seen

– Our greatness depends on the greatness given to us. It’s all about God, His anointing…

– 1 Kings 10:1

– Why people dont want to become great?

– God’s design to church is not to become low profile. They will look down on you. No matter who’s looking down on you: HE HAS MADE YOU TO SIT TOGETHER WITH YOU IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES

– If you are in the highest place (your position right now) can someone look down on you

– You are seated in the white chair or you may leave that later but your position in the heavenly places is not removed

– Hindi lahat ng malaki ang sahod ay nagbibigay ng kasiyahan sayo.

– 1 Kings 10:1


– Even Jesus said that in this world there will be tribulation

– You use problems as a stepping stone, how will you know

– I have gone through some test… (Jesus)


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