Millennial: A Mentality can be Changed

Notes from Dr. Tom Molina’s Preaching. Youth Celebration July 14, 2017

– You cannot accept that you belong to a millennial generation
– They don’t care about the will of God

– Whatever generation you belong you don’t have the right to ignore God’s will for you. It wasn’t you who brought yourself into this world. Even your parents…

– Millennial generation is revealed in the bible since before

– They don’t care…

– Ex. Interview of Nadine Lustre

– Kahit madami gumagawa ng mali, ang mali ay hindi magiging tama.

– They are hurt nagpadala sila sa maling tao sa udyok ng laman

– God’s purpose why He created man is to bring joy to Him. Sins does not bring joy to God

– 1 John 2:15 vs John 3:16

– John 3:16 (world: every human being)

– 1 John 2:15 (world: system, ways, priority and will of this world)

– 1 John 2:16 (world: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life)

– Flesh: against the will of God

– Eyes: you always look for something beautiful, it is deceitful every beauty in the outside, everything our eyes sees is subject to change

– That’s why the bible says that we fix our eyes on Jesus/God. Why? Because the Lord our God is permanent, He doesn’t change.

– You cannot find a scripture that God hates you, He hates sin, He never hate you, He loves you so much, why would He lose His son if He don’t love you

– If there’s something that you should invest with it should he God. People eventually change.

– The will of God, His plan and purpose for you is eternal

– Because you turn your back to God His plans for you will not change

– Focus your attention of what is eternal

– Ex. Bishop that was tortured to denounce Jesus, he said I have known Him since I was a youth and now that I am old I have never seen my God did nothing except which is good

– Now, you might not be tortured pero ikaw naman ngayon ay inaakit ng internet sa malalaswang bagay


– Mapagpalalo, bilib na bilib ka sa sarili mo

– All these 3 runs the world

– The bible says we are no longer if this world because our citizenship is in heaven and your passport is Jesus and if you need the ticket you need the Holy Spirit

– Eventually we will see Jesus coming down from Heaven and He will raise up. Why will you allow to be drawn of this world if you will meet Jesus.

– This world is perverse (not real) and crooked generation

– Perverse: kahit alam mo yung totoo ginagawa mo ang mali. The bible calls it a perverse generation.

– We cannot hate people,

– Walang mas mahal ang Panginoon sa atin

– Ang tanong kasing lapit kaba ng iba sa Panginoon o ikaw at malayo sa kanya?

– Kahit mag rebelde ka hindi lalayo ang Panginoon sayo, ikaw ang lumalayo

– He said He’s going to be with you. That is something you have to believe

– What are you supposed to do being in the midst of this generation

– Ex. Generation gap in the family, our Christian homes there should be no gap. Whoever connects the gap is the same will of God for you and your parents. You both take a stand for what you believe

– The world can be changed by using few people

– Ex. Joshua, Caleb and David

– There is greater power in you more than what you know

– LGBT is growing because somebody stood they’re ground. They are bold. But as Christians naduduwag ka, you deny and won’t take a stand.

– We’re not doing

– How can you make a difference if you live just like a millennials

– We don’t wait for us to grow before we make a difference

– God has placed you where you are…

– Ex. Samuel. Why would He placed Jesus in your heart kung maliit ang tingin nya sayo

– Ex. Compromise

– Not after popularity and dare to make a difference.

– Ecc. 12:1 AMP

– Remember your God… This was written 700 years ago

– In this crooked days (na okay lang lahat: premarital sex, to be gay) remember your God


– Ecc 12:1 NKJV


– The difficult days is here now

– Ephesians 5:16 REDEEMING THE TIME because the days are evil

– Ex. Remember God when you are strong? No.

– Eph 5:16 AMP, Making the most of the time

– Don’t fill your life with regrets as you grow older.

– You don’t want to be part of this generation but to bring about change

– Acts 2:40 BE SAVED (be sanctified, be separated)

– Phil 2:15 what to do in the midst of the crooked and perverse generation? Be blameless, harmless, be without fault, you let your light shine

– Isaiah 60

– Being in the dark world doesn’t mean that we have to be like them. Let your light shine.

– If Jesus is in your situation. What would Jesus do?

– Let the glory of the Lord arise upon you

– Let your light be… in the hill

– 1 Thessalonians 5:22 ABSTAIN FROM EVERY FORM

– Ex. Holding hands (you did shown a form of evil) you might haven’t done something wrong, you have show a form of evil

– I have the opportunity to do what I am doing but I can’t do it

– If you are in the midst of the will of God you cannot replace the joy that God brings

– 2 Thessalonians 3:2-4

– What to do? Do whatever God tells you to do, do it. No ifs and no buts

– You may not be many, but you will bring difference in your generation


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