Your Church Assignment

Notes from Dr. Tom Molina’s Preaching. Prayer Service July 13, 2017


We all have an assignment. We are all like puzzle piece. We should discover what is our position at church. Where we should position ourselves in the house of God. If we don’t know where God has positioned us we might cause a problem.

It is God’s responsibility to get us positioned or fixed in the place of His will. Allow God to place you where He wants.

Dwell yourself in studying the word of God and soaked yourself in prayer.

We thought we didn’t need to find our place.
Ex. Ayaw mo maging poste that will make a dead spot (people are in the place where they are not supposed to be) walang katulad kung ang Panginoon ang maglalgay sayo.

It doesn’t automatically mean that if you are in the will of God there will be no problem. There will be hindrances or disagreements if it is surely the will of God. If you follow God’s will, you are His responsibility.

Everytime we make adjustment from God’s plan it hurts us and causes problem to people. If you embrace change, but prior to change you never understood God’s will…

Mahirap i-maneho ang sasakyan na di gumagalaw, mapapaliko mo lamang ito kung ito ay umaandar. Kailangan mo muna makakita ng pag galaw sa buhay mo, bago ka makakita ka ng transition.

Make sure every step you make is guided by God.


Our ears have to be sensitive from His instructions. Kung parang bumubulong lang si God sayo, you have to be more sensitive.

Man is a tripartite being. The reality of who you are is you are a spirit. All three parts (spirit, soul, and body) has a voice. Flesh: feelings, Soul: reasoning, and Spirit: conscience.

You want to live in the 90% which God blessed than with the 100% that are cursed.

If you know the will of God… you might say: “Natatakot ako di nila ako maintindihan…” Fear is never from God, if you fear hindi sila ang malulugi, ikaw ang malulugi.

Ex. Lord alam mo naman hindi pumayag ang magulang ko. Sabihin mo yan, ikaw parin ang mananagot sa harap ng Panginoon.

God will speak to your spirit.


If you remain in the people who doesn’t care of the will of God…

Ex. Baka isipin nila nagbago na ako.

Wala kana dapat pakialam kung sabihin nila yun, eh nagbago ka naman talaga.

2 Corinthians 5:17

The church’s identity is being the salt and light. Matthew 5:13

Purpose of light is to expose darkness. How can you be a light if you tolerate the sinful lifestyle


If we tolerate them who they want to become  binabalewala natin what God intended them to be.

Ex. MSG translation, Eugene Peterson. He would allow same sex marriage and Live-in comment of Nadine Lustre. Hindi dahil ginagawa ng lahat yun na ang tama.

Change has to begin from us hindi sila ang magbabago para sa atin.


Madali makahawa lalo na kung di mabuti ang ginagawa.

Ex. Pag halo ng sirang mangga sa hindi sira.

We own the power to change things. Christian life is supernatural, the power that is in you brings change.

Ex. Light the matches in the dark

How can we change them if our life is the same as the world. We cannot give what we do not have. We say we are Christians but our lives ay mala-demonyo.

We cannot shut our mouth if we know the truth and just watch the person we speak with because we don’t want to quarrel.

Magtatagumpay kaba kung kapareho ka lang sa kanila? Ang kagawian mo maka mundo, maka-laman.

We should not isolate ourselves from the world, we cannot avoid them or else it might show that they are greater than who is us, No! 1 John 4:4.

There are places that you should not go unless God leads you. God did not give us the spirit of fear.


1) by our Words

2) and how WE LIVE our lives

If we are supposed to impart life, joy, deliverance, peace that’s not going to happen if you live just like the world.

The most dangerous place is not in the war zone but if you step outside God’s protection. There is no walls of fire…

1 Peter 5:8

The place of prayer is where we want to be.


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