Jai Masih! I raised ₱86,050 ($1,870) from the fund raisng campaign.

Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal. (Photo by Ren Portal)

Dear Mission & Prayer Partners,

Good Evening and Good Morning! I’m not yet done in giving thanks to all of you. Before I start, I just want to acknowledge God in this letter if not because of Him, the mission fund will not be raised or even the t-shirt campaign will never be launched, the idea or the wisdom came from Him in the first place. Glory to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This year is indeed a Supernaturally Miraculous 2016 for me, the 1st quarter of the year is… Like what have been prophesied by my pastor… Something miraculous in the spiritual realm happened I believe during our weekly prayer services every Thursday 7pm in New Life Calamba when the year 2016 started. I knew because the move of the Holy Spirit is tangible. Pastor have been speaking wisdom to flow and I receive every prayer.

I have no intention joining the NLTC mission exposure to Nepal, my family is not capable to support me and even I don’t have the savings either. But 3 years ago, I told God if I will be going on a mission trip that will be Nepal. What I did, I begun to thank God and declare that He will provide– but at the back of my head I don’t see that it will gonna’ happen. In my prayer I declare positively because that’s what I want to happen. We happen to be unbelieving believers when impossible situations faces us. When someone pledged for my mission I cried and prayed to God, after I received the money that was pledged that was ₱5,000. I cried again upon receiving the money because I am still doubting. The money that I need for the mission is ₱ 65,000… ₱ 5,000 peso become smaller when I see the number. It came to me to return it back… But God told me that these are just numbers and I am going to lessen that number…

God spoke to me in the spirit, use the influence and the skill you have. I asked God, how? I am not influential and never had a good track record. I struggle in design and I’m not really good at it. God reminded me, the Holy Spirit is here to help me… Design a t-shirt and do a fund raising, use the social media.

The t-shirt project is supposed to be only for myself and not for the batch. But God revealed me that this wisdom I gave you is meant to be shared to your batch, they needed to be blessed also. All of you are going and none from your batch will be left behind to your international mission to Nepal. I proposed with the batch and they agreed. Then God told me, you will need to get it advertised to the church.

It was also prophesied by pastor that this year, you will also make a mistake… We have launched early the t-shirt campaign without the approval of our senior pastors. So the campaign was put on hold for a week from the day it was launched. We have crossed the line from launching without the approval of our leaders. I haven’t proposed to them yet which was a mistake really on my part. We get too excited. The design was rejected also, so if some of you were asking why it was re-designed, that was the reason.

We didn’t get a “yes” from the same day the project was proposed. It’s not easy to stand and propose a project in the office of our senior pastors. First question asked, “why now?” that should have been proposed earlier and fund raising is not practiced in New Life Sta.Rosa. I explained the terms and conditions and our senior pastors didn’t say No or Yes after that meeting. I understand that they were just being careful because money is involved. It was Tuesday, and that afternoon was intercessory meeting at 5pm. Before intercessory I prayed and asked God to give me a word… God did not disappointed me, He gave me Acts 4:33.

I asked God, if that wisdom came from Him. He will confirm it to our pastors, they will approve the proposal. I was put in the situation to entertain doubt I was crying while I was driving the motor bike thinking that maybe it was just me and not God… But I resisted and I stayed positive and my batch mates as well. I was scheduled to exhort the next afternoon and we were led to worship. Thank God there are praise and worship team in our batch, they are truly a blessing. If you ask them to sing or play instrument they will.

God confirmed and the proposal and was approved. Hallelujah! Now next, what will be the design of the t-shirt then? I prayed in tongues before re-doing it. I even asked Pastor Tom’s approval to use the “Supernaturally Miraculous” statement that Thursday night. He said yes and the next day I proposed the design to Pastor Elma and it was approved!

I got from Pastor Ferdie Valladores that if you connect your declaration to your senior pastor that anointing will flow. And it did, indeed the sales was Supernaturally Miraculous! That’s the reason why the t-shirt is Supernaturally Miraculous and at the same time it is our declaration.

The first miracle of NLTC batch 8 this 2016 is, that our t-shirt proposal was approved. Next was, all of us went to Nepal. The amount of fund that was raised from t-shirt sales is ₱55,800 that goes to the student beneficiaries, including me. What goes to NLTC is only ₱3,780.

I raised ₱26,360 from the Mission Partner t-shirts and most of my sales are outside the church. I received cash donations of ₱59,690. That’s an overall total of ₱86,050 ($1,870). This is beyond what I can imagine…

I was able to join the mission obviously and aside from that, you have also helped me pay my NLTC tuition in full. I am grateful to God with all of these blessings.

Not all of you who supported the campaign are my close friends we know that, some of you are friends of friends which was really surprising that you initiated to help. And most of you also, we haven’t talk or seen each other for years and yet you helped. I was really blessed by your heart to give– not by how much you gave or many t-shirts you bought but by the love you’ve shown. You could’ve doubted but yet you chose to trust and help. I believe that His great grace came upon you, that’s why you gave… That giving can be sacrificial for some of you, I tell you God will bless you more. Expect and receive your blessing in Jesus name.

I just want to acknowledge and thank Bro. Mateo Calaguan and Sis. Lutgarda Mendoza Calaguan who believed and prayed with me before everything else started.

To my senior pastors Dr. Tom Molina and Dr. Elma Molina thank you for allowing us…

My Parents Rey-Edith Gonzaga Alipala, My Lola Aurora Buisan and Tita Ruth Gonzaga Alipala, thank you for your support which was surprising despite the financial situation our family is dealing I love you.

To our teachers in NLTC, New Life Sta.Rosa Staff thank you for believing with NLTC batch 8 everyday in morning prayer.

To the Intercessory team who also was very supportive: Tita Tess P. Teoxon, Ate Sharon Carneo-Ramos, Tita Brenda Geluz, Tita Meliza Calalang and others…

My classmates in high school, college, nursing review thank you so much.

Our family friends in Muntinlupa Ate Mhiles Manahan, My relatives abroad and in the Philippines, my mountaineer friends, and all organizations I used to be part with, virtual friends, New Life Calamba, and Victoria’s thank you!

 I want to thank also Nikki Pava for being too considerate throughout the school year, when there’s so many reasons to fire me but she didn’t.

 I also want to thank Gangnam Davao Cafe & Restaurant for our 5 star hotel accommodation in Singapore. Thanks also to Bro. Gabriel Eng & Pastor Bernard for taking care of us while we were in KL. Thanks also to Dr. Fritz Cobrado and Dr. Rishi Rimal for taking us to Nepal.

I want thank also Ate GT Bocar for taking care of our flight bookings while we were in Nepal. The #LoveNepal team thank you for supporting Conquerors – NLTC Batch 8.

 Thanks also to the people who worked together with us in our first local mission in San Pedro New Life, the outreach volunteers and those that joined us in our 2nd local mission in Davao.

 Those that helped us in the graduation play, the production crew and media team thank you so much. Thanks also to the praise and worship ministry.

 If your name wasn’t mentioned wag’ kang mag-tampo please. I will get in touch with all of you, my mission partners and I hope you will respond.

 I am trying to shorten this letter…

 Lastly, I want to tell you that I am greatly blessed by the love you’ve shown. God is magnified by your actions. Thank you so much Mission Partners! I love you.

Thank you,

KR Alipala


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