Week 1: Open House. New Life Training Center – Batch 8

I  woke up early on a Monday morning to get Honj ready for school. Then I went to the Provincial Capitol of Laguna for a scheduled appointment with the Governor about my father’s medical assistance to his dialysis. I received a text from a friend at church “where are you? I brought a banner!” oh yeah NLTC open house is today (My friends are very supportive. I am touched. This was last Monday, June 8) I knew about it actually if not only because of the late notice from the governor’s office, I cannot reschedule the appointment. I don’t want to miss the first day of NLTC open house but I had to go to the capitol or else I will be absent on regular classes next week.

The following day, Tuesday… Day 2 of the open house. I came exactly 8 in the morning but late because the praise and worship has started. It was a 30 minute motorcycle ride from calamba to sta.rosa, it was far if I commute by jeepney it will take me 1-1.5hours of travel to get there because of traffic… It gave me a college feeling seeing an overhead projector being used to flash the lyrics… I realized that NLTC will not be easy, this is really a school. Actually my pastor told us that NLTC is not a bible school, it is a training center. What’s the difference? They are actually similar (yes I was confused). The training center is not focused only on Christian theology or by the book, its extent is wider… More of equipping and sending, hands-on training for application on everyday life and as well as ministry. So we are expecting that we are not only staying at the classroom for three semesters (9 months) we are going for outreaches in the afternoon after the lessons in the morning. Outreaches will be in Prison, Hospital, House to House / Street Evangelism, and in the Campus.

Students from previous batches visited us on the second day. Each shared their experiences that “why” they have decided on going to NLTC. It was encouraging… All has their own struggles, everyone has to sacrifice so many things. I realized that I wasn’t alone. It maybe different stories from each but one thing in common, it’s the obedience to do what the Holy Spirit has convicted us and what God is calling everyone of us to do. None from the church pushed or insisted to anyone of us to enroll, if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit you will be amazed how God speaks to you or how God will call you to do something, not of your own will. I was touched by their testimonies I almost cried, they were crying too… I know how that feels. Hard. Really.

I took notes of what they said. I want to stay encouraged and reminded about it. Read it below:

“Maging busy ka muna sa King, secondary nalang ang kingdom. Marami minsan ang nag fo-fall dahil hindi muna sila naging busy sa King.” -Dentist (1st Batch)

“Andyan lang ang struggles… Pero ikaw ay magpatuloy. Nandyan ang grasya ng Panginoon.” -Clementia (2nd Batch)

“Hindi man natin ma-perfect ang exam… Ang importante ang Panginoon ang makakasagot ng problema natin.” -Daisy (3rd Batch)

“Hindi ko maintindihan kung paano mangusap ang Panginoon… Pero pag-palagi ka pala nakaka-pakinig. Nalalaman mo.” -Marilene (5th Batch)

“Makikita mo kung paano mag le-level up ang faith mo. Lalo financially.” -Iya (5th batch)

“If God is calling you out to something. Do not delay. Do not procrastinate.  Ezekiel 36:26-27 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” -Aurora

“This is not wasting time. But an investment to God. May time na parang ayaw mo na pumasok, pero wag…” -Uschie (7th Batch)

My pastor said, spiritual maturity begins in how hungry you are for the Lord and if you throw yourself into the river God, you will surely not get  lost. You will be led. Many were called but few have responded and that’s 6 of us in this season. Batch 8. Four of us are from the praise and worship team (me still on training), and the other two are years older than us. What’s funny is that all of us are singles. Single ladies haha. We were tasked to come up for a “batch name” I think I will leave that for them to decide. My pastor said (Ptr. Elma), if God is calling us to go on NLTC we should follow what the Holy Spirit has convicted us. It is not for us to decide “when” is the time we should Go because if our decision is dependent on our “will” it must not be the right timing for us we could miss God’s leading for us. Her example was the Israelites that have wandered in the wilderness for 40 years instead of entering the promise land.

Before the class starts there is a morning prayer from 8am-9am, it’s like a short preaching. I can say from 3 days of morning prayer I am already learning, how much more when the classes have already started.

I will share notes below from Pastor Tom’s preaching:

“In the bible we are called as soldiers, athlete, farmer, fishermen…  There is no 3 year old toddler that can be trained to do these. It’s okay to have a faith of a child, but never to be childish. If Christ is formed in our life we are supposed to become an asset instead. Not a liability.

Maturity is formed through prayer. Growth is not how much you know of the bible or that you perfect the examination. The real test is when you come out from bible school… You deal with people, demons, circumstances and yourself. Maturity is to begin in us before we expect from others. The will of God should first start in us.”

Thursday, last day of open house. Six of us were dedicated by Pastor Tom Molina it started with praise and worship. The praise and worship was very powerful I felt the fire of the Holy Ghost and all were filled. We were prayed for as a batch then we had lunch after it. The “sinigang na salmon” was really good!


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